Company background

Founded in 2016 and named after the popular concept of being in a state of flow, Flow explores the use of VR and the progressive web to intuitively feel the relationship of symbolic information. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Flow has worked with a variety of enterprises to bring their information stories, presentations, and data stories to life. The next chapter for Flow is the release of the Flow editor, helping a broader community communicate better.


Jason Marsh

CEO, VR Information Architect

Jason has been programming for over 45 years (starting at 6 years old) and has been obsessing over information presentation and UI design for 30 years.
In his past, he’s been involved in capturing and presenting complex information to busy thought-leaders in healthcare and business. He has been fascinated with the discovery and presentation of complex ideas, where new relationships between ideas can be understood, and where an infinite canvas and infinite zoom create an experience that includes and goes beyond the purely intellectual perception of mental concepts.
He started with speech recognition technology at Apple Computer in 1991 but has been an entrepreneur ever since. One of these startups included writing a charter and gaining approval for a new K-8 public charter school based on the educational principals of Maria Montessori and Project-Based Learning. The school opened with 120 students, purchased a 35-acre site and continues today 13 years later.

Michael DiBenigno

VP Product and Business Development

Michael has 8 years of management and technology consulting experience at Deloitte Consulting and an MBA from MIT. He has helped clients across a variety of industries craft customer and digital strategies that utilize new technological capabilities to drive customer and business value. With a strong analytic and technology background, he has also implemented end-to-end enterprise software, built predictive analytic models, conducted pre-deal M&A due diligence and crafted dynamic business models to impact change at fortune 500 companies.

Aside from consulting, he has a passion for tools that enhance and share the human experience. He worked with Xiao Xiao in the MIT Media Lab on augmented reality for teaching and interacting with the piano, co-chaired Hacking Arts (a 3-day festival and hackathon bringing together artists, engineers, and entrepreneurs), and was the Creative Arts Sector Leader at the MIT Martin Trust Center.

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