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Sales enablement

Sellers now have a tool they can bring with them to meetings, present on-stage or send as a pre-read to convey their content in a memorable way. Presented on-stage to a group of 120 key clients, on mobile with a VR attachment (homido-mini), and with a high fidelity VR headset all from the same site.

Executive presentation

Cisco’s digital readiness assessment was presented over 200 times during the Davos World Economic Forum, each time to a unique audience. The interactive presentation enabled the conversation to be tailored to the specific audience.


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Data storytelling

We compete for stakeholders attention in a red ocean. Flow enables communication in a focused and immersive way that breaks through many of the boundaries current media faces. This presentation was given to a group of 30 executives using VR headsets in-person.

Learning & development

Teaching an audience has never been easy, and with an ever increasing amount of content, we find it harder to focus. Bringing that content into an immersive space allows the viewer to see both the forest and the trees, making connections at the high-level while also seeing the detail.


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