A huge week of demos for re.flow

A huge week of demos for re.flow

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I’ve found so many avenues to present re.flow to the public, and I’ve been getting great responses to the experience in Microsoft Edge and the beta version in VR. So if you are near SF, check it out!

Two weeks ago, I showed re.flow to attendees of the HTML5 DevConf. Many “VR Virgins” got their first taste of VR in re.flow. I had people come up to me and say “I hear you have the best demo at the show.” And when finished, agree that it was indeed the best.

Last week I showed it to the Programming Club at my daughters high school. Seriously cool enthusiasm!

On Wednesday (Nov 11) I’ll be doing a lightning talk at the SFHTML5 meetup at Google. This will be very short, but a large audience.

On Thursday (Nov 12) I’m the featured speaker at the SF WebGL meetup  at Dolby Laboratories theater. I’ll describe my motivations, process, some code, and of course demo on the big screen and in VR.

Kinetech ArtsFriday and Saturday (Nov 13 and 14), Kinetech Arts presents its annual holiday dance performance at the Dance Mission (3316 24th St, San Francisco near the 24th St Mission BART station). Kinetech Arts is pushing the boundaries of dance and technology. I’ll be demoing re.flow as an installation on laptop with headphones and in VR for 45 minutes before and after each performance.

And finally, on Sunday, Nov 15, I’ll be participating in Dance Hack Day 2015 (http://dancehack.org/) at Safehouse Arts (1 Grove Center, San Francisco near the Civic Center BART station). This  is an opportunity for dancers, artists or technologists to be part of a collaborative effort to create a dance performance. Contributors start at 10 am. Doors open for the day’s performances at 7pm. An example of Kinetech Arts live production efforts (https://vimeo.com/143439488) was shown on Talk Bubble TV two weeks ago. Advance tickets available for the performances.

This is going to be crazy fun!