Announcing: Flow!

Announcing: Flow!

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We have a public presence on the web!

Flow has been working on Virtual Reality since January, 2015. We’ve been a small team creating VR experiments with rapid iterations to learn what was the best/most powerful way to present information in a fully interactive 3D space.

We originally were named Third Eye, and in October we renamed the company to “Flow.”


Tony Parisi and Jason Marsh started Third Eye to explore a new category of VR. Not VR gaming, not cinematic VR, not Social (avatar-based) VR, and not medical or enterprise. There are no road maps to follow, just a vision of what VR/AR is going to look like day-to-day. What will it VR like once we get past the ‘demo phase.’

Jason is steering the ship, and Tony is still involved as a board member and close advisor. Dustin is cranking on the web stack.

We’ve been doing demos to potential investors, VR professionals we meet, and most anyone who asks! Let us know what your interest is.