VR as a new way to see the world

VR as a new way to see the world

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Republished from MarshWorks blog, by Jason Marsh:

My friend Issac Cohen (also goes by cabbi.bo), the brilliant digital interactive artist, spoke at a WebVR meetup this Spring, and while he waved his arms (with a LeapMotion) to interactively ripple a gorgeous metallic face-like blob, he said something like:

[themify_quote]”I want people to have an amazing experience in VR, and come out, look around at the real world, and be astounded at the Ultra-HiDef  detail and wonderfulness of being in real reality. I want VR to change the way they see the world in real life and notice things they always used to overlook.”[/themify_quote]

So I gotta say he succeeded, at least with my family, and he did it in a browser, without VR.

I spent an hour going through his new storybook, Enough, first with my wife, and then the next day with my son and his girlfriend (college-aged). We were all stunned.

And then we went camping and hiking in the high Sierra for the weekend. All weekend long, the kids would say: look at how those ripply clouds are like the sandy ocean floor in Enough.


And, look at the color of the California Fuschia, and how it reminds me of the color of “Sol” a creature from the story.


These still shots do not do it justice. And watching it as a video doesn’t do it justice either. The interactive motion of the screen elements is such an important part of the experience: each individual letter is animated based on mouse movement.

I think that Issac is establishing a new art form. He calls it a storybook, and it is that. But it is unlike any storybook.

Instead of NetFlix tonight, put your family in front of a big monitor, or hook your laptop up to your TV, and simply go to the website: http://cabbi.bo/enough/ (it’s all WebGL and runs in the browser). We swapped off reading the text aloud and playing with the mouse.

What he’ll be able to do with translating it to VR is crazy… I hope he’s working on it.

And it changed our weekend in the mountains.