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While still in stealth mode, Flow, the product, is about beingP1260929_2 in the middle of an information flow. Ever since pre-historical cave drawings moved off of textured walls, mankind has visualized symbolic information on flat surfaces with edges. What happens when symbols, from words to iconography, become 3D around us, without the frames that force us to lose context? Meaning and personal engagement come from context: seeing relationships and seeing how ideas relate to each other and to our friends and colleagues. The “infinite screen” of VR enables us to regain that context.

We’re building Virtual Reality projects for corporate clients that explore these ideas.

While we’re not showing our product yet, you can see an unrelated recent project we created for Dolby Laboratories, re.flow.



re.flow is not closely related to the primary mission of Flow, but it is an example of some prior work. It is a visual and aural re-mixer built to show off the spatial audio possible with Dolby Digital Plus.

It uses multi-channel audio synchronized to 3D abstract forms moving through space around you. You can control each of 16 clips spread across 8 tracks to build your own unique mix, ranging from the ethereal to high energy dance. Each 3D object is tied to one track.

You can save and share your sequence.

Try it now: dolby.flow.gl.

This experience is best using Microsoft Edge on Windows 10, or Safari on MacOS. These browsers have the ability to decode Dolby Digital Plus, which is the only way to experience the spatial audio.

How was this done? Go to the articles that describe it.


re.flow Screenshots

  • re.flow 3D interface

    re.flow 3D interface

    • WebGL abstract forms attached to spatial audio tracks
    • Initiate clips by by selecting 3D forms
    • Dolby Digital Audio provides surround sound through HDMI and headphones
  • re.flow Introduction Screen

    re.flow Introduction Screen

    • Provides instructions and links to articles describing the code and content
  • re.flow Sequencer Interface

    re.flow Sequencer Interface

    • Each column represents 4 bars
    • Each sound plays until complete (not looping)
    • 16 audio clips spread over 8 tracks
  • re.flow Save and Share

    re.flow Save and Share

    • Database stores a unique 6 character key
    • Sequences can be shared via the unique URL

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